How to install Norton 360 on computer

Norton 360 is an all-in-one computer software security suite. The software package includes a personal firewall, an antivirus program, a PC backup feature, phishing protection, VPN security, and more. This suite differs from other Norton security software due to its PC maintenance as well as file backup capabilities. When you purchase Norton 360 security software, you will be fulfilling all of your computer security needs. We offer information on Norton installation, including obtaining the Norton 360 product key and how to reinstall Norton 360 if you need to. Learn how to install Norton 360 and protect your computer or mobile device with the steps listed below. Please note that there are two ways of installing Norton 360: from your Norton account, or from your Norton software that is already installed onto your computer.

Steps to Install Your Norton 360 on your device

his way of installing Norton 360 applies to installing the software onto the first device, or an additional one.

  • Log in to your Norton account by visiting this page:
  • At your My Norton page, you’ll see a button that says Download
  • On the right side of the button, it says, “PROTECT ANOTHER DEVICE
  • Depending on onto which device you are installing your Norton software, click either onto the button or the “PROTECT ANOTHER DEVICE” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

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